We have contacts with the biggest Content Creators (YouTubers, Instagramers, TikTokers, Streamers) in Greece and abroad.


With hands-on knowledge, we are able to help your Brand grow across all Social Media.

The Magenda360 team offers:

-Creation of Content (Script, Graphics, Video, Animation)

- Publications Scheduling

-Processing of Paid Advertisements

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We are able to help you find sponsorships and make your engagement with social media profitable. No exclusives, no huge fees, no bs.

Studio & Video

Our Studio has everything one needs to create high-quality content.

The Magenda360 team offers:

-Space for the production of Videos - Photos

-High quality equipment

- Video camera

-Editor, Animater

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You have no idea about editing? I have got you! We undertake the support of your content according to your own aesthetics.

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About us

Agency Magenda360 is an agency that undertakes advertising, content creation for professionals, studio services as well as the correct promotion of companies in "big names" on the internet.. The Magenda360 team consists of people experienced in the field of Social Media with particular expertise in Social Media Marketing, Influencing & Management topics. We manage large giants in Greece and abroad, the Magenda360 team is ready to immediately resolve procedural and practical issues for the needs of your business, regardless of size.

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